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Testimonials and Resources


The surgeon testimonials addressing the benefits of concomitant surgical ablations are provided through an independent, third-party website. These links do not constitute an endorsement or promotion of AtriCure products.

Hear from Dr. Newman on the Importance of Restoring Sinus Rhythm.


Hear from Dr. McCarthy that Afib is Surgically Undertreated and Underdiagnosed.


Hear from Dr. Balkhy on Why
Afib is a Real Burden.


Hear from Dr. Romano on How
to Help Patients Live Better. Longer.


Hear from Dr. Accola on How
to Do Something.


Hear from Dr. Castro that
Afib is Surgically Under-Treated and Under-Diagnosed.


Jack Green Suffered from Afib and Wanted His Life Back.


“Why Treat” Patient Animation

“Why Treat” Physician Animation


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