Undertreated and Underdiagnosed – ACT against Afib

Afib is Surgically Undertreated and Underdiagnosed

Less than half of patients with pre-operative Afib get surgical ablation (SA), with MVR patients getting the highest rate of concomitant SA and CABG patients the lowest.3 However, more recent data show that patients may not be screened for Afib when referred for CABG, resulting in notable underdiagnosis of Afib, and thus, undertreatment.50

Of the patients referred for CABG nationwide, an estimated less than 10% with Afib get concomitant SA50,59 to restore NSR that could help them live longer and better.


MVR: mitral valve repair
AVR: aortic valve repair/replacement
CABG: coronary artery bypass graft

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